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Archive: January 2014
  • Time To Go: Reality TV Formats and National Identity

    2013 and Blocks are sky high, celebrities splash, bake offs are great, Masterchefs are professionals, moles are traiters and Big Brother twists. Welcome to the post-boom reality show Age. Long after we were told many times that the reality show format was a fad and would die out we are still living in a world…

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  • Creativity In The Classroom

    Recommended Readings: Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative Imagine Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative The Design Process Design Thinking for Educators Design process – VELS (PPT) Thinking Strategies Mindmapping SCAMPER Lotus Blossom Leonardo Da Vinci’s Ideabox  

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  • Media Influence Links

    Media Influence Research Television “Break-Ups” cause some viewers distress Videogames can encourage good behaviour in youth Sexual Content in Movies may predict Teen Sexual Behaviour Violent TV keeps young kids awake Spongebob may impair 4-year-old’s brains Real To Me: Girls and Reality TV Raunchy popstars a bad influence on little kids Nasty People in the…

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  • Media Education Resources

    Australian Teacher’s of Media Resources ATOMVic website ATOMVic Professional Development ATOMVic email list ATOMVic facebook page ATOMVic twitter Screen Education / Metro Magazine [stag_divider style=”plain”] VCE Textbooks Heinemann Media 2nd Edition Nelson Media Media: New Ways and Meanings Senior Media Workbook Leading Edge Checkpoints [stag_divider style=”plain”] Other Textbooks Photography: Production and Appreciation Media Remix The Film Analysis…

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  • psycho-anthony-perkins-as-norman-bates

    Production Element: Camera

    [stag_alert style=”grey”]The production element camera is the way that the camera is positioned to capture a scene, and the techniques and qualities and technologies used. This includes format, shot selection, angles and movement. [/stag_alert] Readings: – Heinemann Media page 140 – 144 – http://www.mediaknowall.com/camangles.html Format The format chosen for a film affects the look and…

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  • “The Graduate” Links and Resources

    Analysis Sheets 01. The Graduate Opening Scenes 02. The Seduction Scene 03. The Birthday Party 04. Montage Sequence 05. Goodbye Benjamin 06. The Closing Sequence Script The Graduate Script   Analysis The Graduate – A Gender Role Analysis of a Classic Film Reviews Filmsite movie review ‘The Graduate’ at 40: A defiant and astute film to be proud of

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