Watch Episode 1 of ANZAC Girls, ‘Adventure’ and answer the following:


  1. Whilst watching the episode, take notes on the following representations in the text. Your notes should include specific examples. (ANZAC Girls Representation Table)
  2. How are the ANZAC Girls represented in this miniseries? What values do the characters hold? What social values might this represent?
  3. Women in this show are represented differently in contrast with other media texts we have studied. Why is this so?
  4. How are the ANZAC soldiers represented in this episode? What effect do they have on the storylines?
  5. Describe how officers are represented in charge, and how the ANZAC Girls react to them. Why do the ANZAC Girls react this way, and what Social Value does it suggest?


  1. Write a comparison on how a female character is represented in Hero of the Dardenelles (1915), Gallipoli (1981) and ANZAC Girls (2014)
  2. Explore the context of the production of ANZAC Girls, who produced it, for what platform, and who would have been the audience? How might this have had an effect on the social values embedded in the text?


  1. Answer the SAC question, referencing the media text ‘ANZAC Girls’ (SV QUESTION)