1. Complete the following article analysis
  2. Find an upheld and a dismissed case on the Advertising Standards Bureau website (www.adstandards.com.au) and answer the following questions for each.
  3. Write a complaint letter to the ASB for the below billboard advertisement. Make sure your letter is sent to the correct address and has the correct relevant information.
  4. project-runway-poster-2-vogue-10july13-heidi-klum_b-jpgRead pages 80-87 of your Heinemann Textbook then do the following Learning Activities (p81 – Q1-4, p84 – Q1,2, p86 – Q1
  5. Complete the ‘Watching The Detectors” worksheet
  6. Many Australian feature films rely on funding from Screen Australia to finish their projects. Fill in the following funding form for a made up feature film you are creating – fill in as much as you can of the form.