“Conventions are patterns of construction that are common to each medium or type of media product. They provide a framework for the construction of media texts and allow an audience to understand the general structure of text types”

Flack 2004

Conventions are basically the way certain media products are made, based on how it usually is made. Like stereotypes, conventions are used as a shorthand for audiences to easily understand a media product.


Describe the conventions of the following:

1. A magazine advertisement
2. A pop song
3. A sit-com
4. A nightly news program

Conventions can also be Genre specific. We expect films of a certain genre to look a certain way, have a type of music and have a particular narrative structure.

A ‘trope’ is a narrative convention, or a common way of telling a story.


Explore the site http://tvtropes.org. It is a wiki of common tropes used in all types of media.

Find 3 tropes that you recognise from your favourite film or TV show. For each trope:
-give a brief introduction of the trope.
-give an example of when this trope has been used.
-BONUS: are their any connotations connected to this trope?