Commercial news outlets commonly shape representations for their intended audience. Seven years ago, Corey Delaney was interviewed for ‘A Current Affair’ after a house party got out of control.

Watch Corey’s interview above and answer the following questions.

1. Describe the type of representation of Corey here. What words would you describe him? How does he come across in the interview?

2. There are many ways the producers of A Current Affair have or may have manipulated this interview in order to create this representation of Corey including the use of selection, omission and construction. Explain what the producers may have done under these three headings.

3. Why would the producers have represented Corey in this way?

4. Watch the follow up interview of Corey on A Current Affair here:

Explain how Corey is represented differently here and in what ways the producers have represented Corey in a differently.