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Indie Game: The Movie: The Case Study

PART 1:   Overview

PART 2:   Technology & Building Audience

PART 3:   Distribution – Theatrical & Tour 

PART 4:   Distribution – Digital

PART 5:   We’re not Louis C.K. … and you can be too!

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Before The Film

  1. Read the article ‘Don’t Touch That Dial! A history of media technology scares, from the printing press to Facebook’ on page 36-37 of your textbook and complete the Learning Activities 1-3 on page 37. Print out the 5 news stories you use for question 3.
  2. New Media has changed how we all consume media on a daily basis. Describe how you consume media, and how this would be different to how your parents would have consumed media at your age. Consider things such as music, tv shows, books, video games, radio, newspapers.
  3. Many independent media creators are now bypassing traditional media outlets and industries to make their work available. Describe how an independent media creator that you consume makes their work available, and how they are able to monetize by doing this.
  4. A film based on the TV show “Veronica Mars” was recently financed in a controversial way. Describe in detail how the film was financed, and explain what was controversial about it. What other media products has been financed this way?

During The Film

After The Film