In the past, media creators had to rely solely on studios, investors or funding bodies such as Screen Australia to get the finances needed to make a media product. Now, more and more, producers are turning to crowdfunding websites to get the money they need.

Crowdfunding works by asking a lot of people to make a small investment into a media product, in return for a thank you or small “reward”. The producers only receive their money once they have reached their “goal”.

Whilst hundreds of media products have now been financed this way, some critics warn that producers need to have an already established fanbase to get off the ground and then pander them when producing the product.

For this assignment you will work in pairs to find an interesting, media based crowdfunding project that you think will be successful and convince the rest of your class that it is a good investment.

Step One: Find a crowdfunding project.

Find a crowdfunding project that meets the following criteria:

Media: It needs to be a media product such as a film, documentary, photography project, comic book, video game or magazine.

Interesting: The media product looks like it would be of interest to your group and the rest of the class.

Successful: The product looks like it has a chance of reaching it’s goal – but still has time to invest in.

Extra Points for an Australian project

Explore the following sites to find a suitable project: (go to for Australian projects) (an Australian based crowdfunding site)

Step Two: Present your project

As a pair, you will need to present a powerpoint that analyses the crowdfunding project. The following should be included:


– Introduce the project and give a brief overview of it

– Show a short section of the projects video


– Who are the creators of the project?

– What is their experience? Have they done anything like this before?

– Are they professionals or amateurs?


– How much money is the project asking for?

– What specifically will they be using the money for?

– How else might the producers have raised this money?


– What kind of audience is this project appealing to?

– Is there a big enough market for this media product to succeed?

– How might this audiences expectations change the media product?


– What techniques have the producers used in the video to persuade people to back their project?

– What techniques have the producers used in the text to persuade people to back their project?

– What kind of incentives have the producers used to persuade people to back their project?


– Why do you think this will be a successful project?

– What challengers will the producer’s face?

– Why should the class invest money into this project?