Treatment notes and example

Suggested Script Layout (Screen Australia)

Storyboard Template (6 per page)

Storyboard Template (8 per page)



There is certain paperwork that needs to be done before you start shooting your film. This includes:


A shotlist is a complete list of all the shots you need or hope to get in your film. Usually done in a spreadsheet format, the list includes the number of the shot, the type of shot, the location of the shot and any other information that is important. With a shotlist you can begin to plan out your shooting days and know exactly how many shots per location you have.

Shotlist templates and examples: shotlist template (google drive) template (pdf) template (excel)


Production Schedule

A production schedule will outline the order of when scenes will be shot and what days / times and locations will be shot. The production schedule will be the document that then creates each day’s Call Sheet.

Production Schedule templates and examples

Shooting schedule template

Production schedule example

Sample preliminary shooting schedule

Schedule – One Liner template (Screen Australia)

Shooting Schedule template (Screen Australia)


Call Sheets

Call sheets are created for each person for each day of shooting. It includes information such as the time and place of each day of shooting, which scenes will be shot and all the props and equipment needed for the day.

Call Sheets templates and examples

Call Sheet (Filmsourcing)

Callsheet (Lessonbucket)

Callsheet (Screen Australia)


Art Direction

Art direction paperwork can include things such as location lists, cast lists and costume and prop lists needed for each scene.

Art Direction paperwork templates and examples

Cast List (Screen Australia)

Locations List (Screen Australia)


Release Forms

Anyone appearing in your film will need to fill out a release form. If shooting on private property, you will also need a location release form.

Release Forms

TD Release Form

Location Release (Filmsourcing)