The Outcome

Use a range of technical equipment applications and media processes to present ideas, achieve effects and explore aesthetic qualities to production design plan specification areas appropriate to a media form.


The Task

You will plan and complete TWO production exercises that demonstrate a range of knowledge and skills relating to the specifications of your chosen medium for your production.

The exercises you undertake must NOT include the planning or the production of any materials that you wish to later use in your actual production that will be submitted for assessment. You can, however, explore the knowledge and skills relevant to your plan and production (e. g. a particular camera effect, a lighting set-up, an editing style).

A few words of advice..

  • *  Your exercises should be small and contained. They do not need to be a ‘production’ in themselves.
  • *  Each exercise should focus on DIFFERENT design plan specifications.
  • *  You must be able to produce your exercises at school in the given class time.
  • *  Take the time to carefully complete the documentation related to each exercise. You need to do this both BEFORE and AFTER the exercise.
  • *  Make sure what you do / try out can be documented (e. g. filmed, photographed, saved) and then stored (e.g. DV tape, DVD, CD, printed images).


    These exercises will be marked (together) out of 10 and will be part of the 70 mark score on your SAT assessment sheet. (This means you won’t know your marks, as they could be subject to external review!)


Production Exercise Resources