The classification of Video Games in Australia is always a controversial topic. Until 2013, there was no R18 rating and even now video games are still banned under the new classification system.

Your job is to understand how video game classification works and the issues surrounding video game classification.


  1. Watch and listen to the following about video game classification:


Whilst listening to the above stories, collect quotes and arguments for and against an R18 rating – making sure to note who said it and where they are from.


For R18+ classification Against R18+ classification






  1. Explain how the video game classification system now works, what type of media regulation it is, the regulatory bodies that run it and the code it follows.
  1. Despite the R18+ rating, video games are still being banned in Australia. In June this year, ‘Saints Row IV’ was banned in Australia under the classification system. Read the following articles and in a response, explain why the video game was banned and give arguments why the game should or should not be banned.